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It can be daunting to shift skincare regiments, especially when transitioning to a new line. Since it takes time for the skin to adapt to the new, which means that your skin may react as it readjusts, sample kits are a wise way to experience that line. Our Discover & Love Sample Kits allow you enough applications to determine your compatibility with our line. If you are already one of our cherished clients, this is a thoughtful way to offer a meaningful gift to a loved one, without imposing on their routine. You can learn more about each product by simply clicking on it. 

Kit One


Botanical Mud Mask- A revitalizing Face Mask that deeply purifies and nourishes your skin.

Aqua Vitae Rose and Aqua Vitae Orange Blossom- Organic floral waters packed with minerals and vitamins. AVR balance skin tone and helps retain moisture. AVO-increase micro-circulation for a plum radiant glow. 

Graceful Face Elixir- Nourishes your skin with the finest cold press organically grown or sometimes wild botanicals. Loaded with beneficial properties, fatty acids, and skin restoring vitamins, our Graceful Face Elixir helps soften fine lines, remove dark spots and improve elasticity. 

Full-size Therapeutic Lip Cream- A lip cream that TRULY heals and moisturizes, leaving lips supple and nourished. 


Try our simple 3-step, self-care regiment. Do note that each product can also be used alone without compromising the effectiveness. 

3-Step self-care: treat yourself to a skin-renewing, revitalizing face mask. Spritz your face with an Aqua Vitae for added minerals, hydration and to ease absorption of the Graceful Face Elixir. Then add a few drops of the Graceful Face Elixir. massage in upward-out circular motion. 

Kit Two


Aqua Vitae Rose and Aqua Vitae Orange Blossom- Organic floral waters packed with minerals and vitamins. AVR supports your skin's elasticity and beautifies your skin tone leaving it plump and dewy--excellent for dry, mature skin. AVO awakens and brightens tired skin by nourishing your skin with important phytonutrients for a healthy and natural glow.

Rosehip & Chamomile Body OilA favorite of all time body oil, renowned for conditioning skin. It's beautifully absorbed leaving behind subtle floral notes. 

Botanical Cleansing Elixir- Cleanse your face without stripping away it's natural oils. Ideal for gently removing dirt and makeup. After cleansing, benefit from the remnants of the elixir to nourish your face and reduce size of pores.

Full-size Therapeutic Lip Cream- A lip cream that TRULY provides moisturize and retains moisture, leaving lips supple and nourished. 

Kit Three

Babies' have the best skin and don't need anything. But in case you love adding an extra layer of protection, you might as well use a light vitamin-rich oil that will not alter or affect your baby's skin.


Nelum Baby Lavender Baby Oil- made with a bouquet of three flowers, this baby oil is perfectly light and kissed with just enough lavender to soothe your baby. 

Nelum Baby Vanilla Bean Baby Oil-made with real vanilla beans from Sri Lanka, passionfruit seed oil and jojoba, this body oil is quite magical. Excellent for calming an upset baby. 

Nelum Baby Bottom Butter- Clean, safe and efficient diaper rash ointment! 

Natural Herbal Salve- Safe for mama's and babies, and everyone in the house. Use the salve for cuts, bites and skin irritation/ sores i.e. blisters from breastfeeding.  

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