4 Things to Lookout For When Choosing an Essential Oil Supplier/Manufacturer

4 Things to Lookout For When Choosing an Essential Oil Supplier/Manufacturer

Essential oils are such a magical creation; it is the aromatic essence of plants extracted through the delicate art of steam distillation. Not only are essential oils used by aromatherapists for their ability to influence our emotions, they are also used and highly valued for their medicinal and beautifying properties. These beneficial compounds have even been the inspiration behind Western medicine---yes, they are certainly synthetically recreated or isolated (weakening its full effect) but nevertheless, they are the inspiration. 

Over the span of these last two decades, with the boom of New Age healing practices (though not new at all they are practices borrowed from ancient civilizations), essential oils have become popularized. 

Almost every household has a bottle of some sort because it's simply wonderful to care for one's own health by turning to natural remedies for healing. It's a beautiful practice worth promoting. Not only for the healing benefits but for the holistic experience of being so close to nature and allowing it into our lives in such a personal way. That said, the misuse of these precious and expensive extractions--may not always seem expensive when they can be affordable, but conventional harvesting is very taxing on our earth--is profligate and can also be quite dangerous. It's no individuals fault, but that of companies who seek to increase their sales by assigning versatile use to these volatile oils. Sadly, this imprints a negative association natural healing as more and more white papers are pushed to warn people of the dangers behind these oils. The truth is, essential oils, when used properly, are not dangerous--and no, this can not be said of everything; think Clorox. Using Clorox properly doesn't prevent its chemicals from intoxicating our brain as we unavoidably inhale its chemicals. Essential oils do not pose such a risk. However, when used incorrectly,  or when used against the contraindications, they can cause immediate harm to the person applying it, and to the holistic community, as these incidents are then recorded.

do Tierra and Young Living are two of the most notorious companies that have been responsible for misinforming and misguiding people of the proper uses of essential oils. All sorts of DIY remedies are circulating online, namely via the fun and catchy Pinterest website where compelling photos inspire replication without proper information.  

I can't begin to tell you how dangerously irresponsible it is to suggest ingesting essential oils without specifying which ones are safe to ingest and at what dosage. Essential oils, first of all, are not meant to be ingested; these volatile oils are too strong for the mucus membrane and the epithelial tissue. Some are of the belief that some essential oils can be taken internally...this is still being researched. But for the novice, a contraindication is necessary, and terms of use, such as recommended doses are imperative! So, for your safety, veer away from DIY recipes generated by such companies through untrained representatives system, also known as MultiLevel Marketing (MLM). This is when companies pay customer advocates with a point system to bring them new buyers. These advocates are not trained professionals who can be trusted to accurately speak on the safe use of essential oils. Without providing  safety guidelines and contraindications, essential oils are can be easily misused, as in the example to your right.

A trust worthy company is one that does the following:
  • hires representatives and trains them properly so as to fully understand the potential and limits of each essential oil
  • indicates contraindications 
  • specifies which essential oils are safe undiluted, and where & when it is safe to use: function determines form
  • uses essential oils that are extracted from plants that are grown under eco-friendly conditions 

Before setting off to buy a new essential oil to cure x,y or z, please make sure you consult a reliable source. 

There is more power to you when you can enjoy the amazing world of essential oils as they are meant to be used. 

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