At Our Core

Nelum Botanics Skincare Products

Nelum Botanics is more than just skincare. It’s about creating intention through which we revive our efforts to making this world a better place. Our sensual rituals of self-care extend beyond the beautification of our skin: it’s about healing with nature; it’s about appreciating the therapeutic wonders nature provides us; it’s about knowing how we access the spaces and places from which our remedies are sourced; and finally, it’s about being mindful of the people—the farmers and their families—who make these materials available to us. 

With intention, 

 …I carefully select the finest wildcrafted, biodynamic, nutrient-rich botanical ingredients to deliver the optimum quality of phyto-compounds for your health and beautifying needs.

…I hope to inspire a new love affair with nature by connecting you with the true elements that heal without the use of fillers or toxic ingredients so that you can experience the healing power of uncompromising purity for true, honest results. 

…I commit to harmonious coexistence by creating cruelty-free products, ensuring that our botanical ingredients are grown under eco-friendly conditions and raising awareness about holistic living, allowing you to feel good and proud for the difference you are making when choosing Nelum Botanics for your health and beautifying needs. 

…I uphold ethical business practices by supporting fair trade and contributing to sustainable development initiatives to empower farming communities who make our botanical ingredients available to us. 

….I reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing the use of tree-derived and plastic products; I use glass bottles, minimize our packaging and print with companies that are eco-friendly to ensure that your health and beautifying needs do not jeopardize your values.   

With intention, we create these connections and act in accordance to honor and protect the well-being of all. With intention, we strive to create a harmonious world where you can indulge in your health & beautifying needs and experience true results with a proud conscience.