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Through our unique approach to environmental sustainability and harmonious co-existence, we help your child gain knowledge and experiences that will cultivate values and perspectives that foster compassion, social responsibility, critical thinking, and environmental stewardship.  BTW, did you know that these character-building skills are all highly appreciated by academic institutions (and society in general)?

We are currently offering a single session that will be part in-person and part remote. When in-person, we will abide by New York State safety guidelines. 

Please note workshops are for 4th, 5th, and 6th graders only. 


~Visits to farms, rooftop gardens, and community gardens 

~Cooking with familiar and unfamiliar ingredients / discovering new cuisines and exploring new tastes from around the world

~Creating herbal remedies and natural skincare products such as lip balm, salves etc. using organic and fairly traded botanical ingredients


~Upcycling/ refurbishing

~Preparing fermented foods and drinks

~Concocting infusions and tinctures

~Dyeing with fruits and vegetables 

~Taking action on social issues that affect local and global access to food

~Designing for eco-friendly spaces and small service projects to help underserved communities

    2022 Spring Schedule + Fees

    Date: April 8th to June 17th: 12 sessions total

    Time: 10:30 am to 12 pm

    Fee: $480 per child and $300 per additional sibling

    Method of Instruction: In-person and remote. When in-person, we will meet in Central Park. Snacks and craft supplies will be provided.


    What is your mode of transportation?

    We use public transportation 

    Can I miss workshops and be refunded?

    Yes, you can miss up to two to be fully refunded. 

    Who will be leading the workshops?

    Founder and Educator, Klara K. Ibarra (see bio) will be leading the workshops

    Can my child invite a friend?

    For remote sessions, yes, your child may invite a friend up to 3 times for free. Anything more will be an extra $20. For in-person sessions, your child may invite a friend one time free of charge. 

    Are you CPR certified and trained in First Aid?


    Do you need any forms from us?

    Yes. You will receive these forms electronically upon your online registration. We will need a photo release form, emergency contact form, and permission slip for local fieldstrips. 

    Where will you be spending most of your time?

    We will spend more than 2/3 of our time outdoors with a few days indoors (this includes rainy days) to do cooking activities. Parents/Guardians, please make sure you are around to supervise. We will be using the stove, oven, and knives. 

    My child has severe allergies. Do you think my child would be safe in this program? 

    As you know, allergies, degrees of sensitivity, and types of reactions vary. Please email us for a personal consultation so that we can discuss together what would be best for your child.

    My child is really into video games. Do you think he/she will enjoy this program?

    Yes! Those are exactly the kids we want to inspire to reconnect with nature. We will make sure your child discovers something amazing that will be a turning point for them. Most importantly, it's the exposure to a new realm that is important. When they are ready (at any time in their life), they will draw from these experiences and lessons and be able to reflect on them again. 

    I didn't see my question here. 

    Sorry about that. Please email us directly at





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