Meet Klara

An educator, certified permaculture practitioner and food security consultant.

With her love for nature and an avid desire to protect it from mainstream development agendas, Klara obtained her master’s in international affairs with a concentration in sustainable development. Having focused her studies in food security and education as a sustainable and community-empowering approach to community development, Klara pursued a certificate in Permaculture Design to complement what was missing: a holistic approach to solving our environmental crisis and the economic injustices that plague communities around the world. Upon earning her PDC she started her own food security project in Chemoligot, Kenya to help the community address hunger, economic injustice and soil infertility. Impassioned about nature’s medicinal wonders, Klara founded Nelum Botanics, a small holistic skincare business that handcrafts therapeutic products made of sustainably harvested and fairly traded botanicals. However, in the face of our climate crisis and obscene economic injustice, Klara realized that change needed to start by opening up the minds of our younger generation. The Green World Project is a reflection of her passion to share her expertise in socio-economic development, herbal medicine, food insecurity, permaculture and holistic living with children—but in a fun, interactive and thought-provoking way. Her years of experience working with children has earned her the magical ability to instill in them a love for nature that grows into love and respect for all life forms. She wants to use her gift to guide Gen. Z to think critically, compassionately and proactively about humanity, our environment and the political-economy that affects us all. Instilling this knowledge at such an impressionable age, gives her much hope that they will become eco-conscious and thoughtful individuals who will somehow, in their own unique way, design for change.

Klara is an 8th grade advisor and an ICT global studies and science teacher at The Renaissance Charter School. She is also a consultant for Beyond Organic Design.