Organic Face Products

All natural, ecofriendly and sustainable skincare at its finest! Nelum Botanics is about reconnecting people to nature’s wonders for their health and beautifying needs. Creating face care remedies drawing from both ancient and new wisdom from around the world, we are committed to providing you with the best organic and natural face products that deliver results. Using only Nature’s finest and nutrient-rich botanicals, we create green beauty products specializing in formulas that address the needs of mature skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, blemished skin, and combinations of all. Try our daily natural skincare routine, a simple ritual that gives you time to connect with the true elements that heal. You will soon discover a new healthy glow from none other than purely herbal skincare—that’s your skin radiating from deep within; that’s your skin rejoicing from clean, non-toxic, organic face care. Our ecofriendly products are made in small batches or made-to-order to ensure freshness. Do note that water-containing products do have an eco-cert preservative that is human and eco-friendly.