• The Green World Project


  • living in harmony with nature

  • what trees are really for

    building unique relationships

Word On The street

  • Thank you for giving my son such a positive and fun learning experience! There is no greater feeling than seeing him happy at the end of the day. 

    Elyse, mom to 4th grader

  • I want everyone to know that the earth needs care. I learned so much in this class and I love that you are so funny!

    Alex, fifth grader

  • I loved your class! We did so many fun activities like making lip balm and cooking. 

    Valery, fifth grader

  • It’s been such a pleasure for me to work with the incredible woman. 💙 I’ve really gotten to know her deep-rooted passion for holistic and sustainable living!

    Kaméa of Ethical Writers & Creatives

  • A must for our children today. Klara is an innovative and creative teacher. She develops a wonderful rapport with her students and is able to get the best out of them as she explores worldly topics. Engaging and stimulating, her students gain so much from her expertise and knowledge.

    Monica Ibacache of Beyond Organic Design