5 Amazing New Uses for Rosemary!

5 Amazing New Uses for Rosemary!

In ninth grade, our PE teacher took us on a weekend bike ride through the rocky hills surrounding Castellnau, a small town in Southern France. The emblematic Mediterranean climate of the area gave life to wild rosemary shrubs bursting with light blue florets against their thick green pine-like leaves. The air was imbued with that refreshing rosemary essence. I was in love. Nothing more than a sprig over roasted winter vegetables topped with pine nuts takes me back to those memorable days in France.

5 Healing Benefits of Rosemary

Rosemary is an ancient herb that has long been used in Mediterranean cuisine where it helps with the digestion of fatty meats such as lamb. But it’s not just confined to cuisine; it’s a wonderful medicinal herb that treats many ailments. Rosemary is an antiseptic, antioxidant, analgesic, antiarthritic, antibacterial, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, astringent, carminative (helps prevent the formation of gas), decongestant, digestive, diuretic, fungicidal, nervine (has a calming effect on the nervous system), restorative (helps restore health), stimulant and vulnerary (agent that helps heal wounds). As such, it can be used to treat the following:

- dandruff and hair loss => add a few drops in your shampoo, or better yet make a warm oil treatment with a few drops of rosemary.
-muscle aches => add 2 drops in 1 tbsp of your favorite oil and massage onto the affected area.
-sluggishness or dullness=> add a few drops into a body oil or use one with rosemary essential oil; add a couple drops into a face mask that you make. Or add several drops into a salt water bath.
-congestion=> add a few drops into a 3 cups of hot water and make a facial steam. This is also good to promote blood circulation.
-indigestion => consume herbal tea with ¼ Tsp of rosemary leaves to aid digestion and also to restore health when your immune system is down.

These are just some quick and basic suggestions on how you can incorporate rosemary into your life.

It’s all in nature, and that, my friends, is my science!


1. When using essential oil (EO), measure out one drop at a time and see how well you do with that quantity before adding more because it is very potent and can irritate your skin.
2. Make sure you buy rosemary EO from ecologically harvested plants

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