9 Ailments Aloe Can Help Cure

9 Ailments Aloe Can Help Cure

I am not sure how accurate it would be to say that most of us are familiar with Aloe vera as the go-to plant for cuts and burns, but it does seem to be in every household whether for ornamental or medicinal purposes. Both my grandmother and mother always had gorgeous Aloe plants around the house and in the garden so growing up it was our tradition to cut an Aloe leaf to collect its pulp/ gel and latex (the fine yellow film between the outer leaf and the pulp/gel) upon cutting ourselves. After a nice sunburn (not) my sisters and I would vigorously apply it all over our bodies to relieve the pain and protect our skin from sun damage. Without even knowing it at the time, this family custom was actually doing more for us than just relieving pain!
Though 99% water, it's 1% of protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc, germanium, vitamin E, A & C, amino acids, anthraquinones (a compound known for its laxative effects and anti-cancerous effects), salicylic acid, saponins and fatty acids and enzymes are highly concentrated, making this plant an excellent treatment for our skin and for the epithelial tissue (the membrane that lines our internal organs).

The Healing Wonders of Aloe

  1. relieve symptoms of arthritis, bladder and kidney infection
  2. prevent cramping of the muscle--this is because of the magnesium
  3. combat bacterial and fungal infection making for an excellent vaginal douche
  4. reduce colitis (inflammation of the colon and large intestine) because it is an effective epithelial anti-inflammatory 
  5. improve digestive disorders and stomach ulcers
  6. neutralize stomach acids
  7. cleanse your body by purging impurities from organs such as stomach, liver, kidney, spleen, and bladder which inadvertently boosts your energy
  8. improve the body's absorption of vitamins B and E
  9. regulate the immune system's auto response. As such, researchers are looking into its role in fighting the HIV virus, cancer, and even diabetes. You can read more about that here.

Health food stores sell organic aloe juice! Drink the recommended amount daily to cleanse and to energize your body. Topically, your skin benefits from all the vitamins, trace minerals, and anti bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties this amazing plant has to offer. You can also maximize the effects Aloe vera by using either one of our Aqua Vitae and our Therapeutic Lip Cream.

Cooling Aloe Drink Recipe


2 oz chilled organic aloe juice/water
1 organic strawberry
4 organic grapes of your choice
1 mint leaf chopped (optional)

In a blender, liquefy all the ingredients except mint. Strain (unless you enjoy the pieces of fruit). Add chopped mint. Drink this on empty stomach 30 min. before eating. I like to have it early morning before beginning my day. It's a great energizer and feel-good drink! Enjoy!

It's all in Nature!

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