Aging with Grace: Part I

Aging with Grace: Part I

As another year begins, another year of life we add. We start off with soft flawless skin but as the years accrue, taking our bodies throughout the vast thrills this world has to offer, we mature and develop signs of aging.  It's a natural process. And it can be a beautiful process, as well. 

While the tender skin on a baby is mostly because it's new--it has not yet lived fully and its skin has not yet been withered by weather or the ups and downs of life--it's also because babies have pure blood carrying perfectly oxygenated blood to the surface. The natural process of time and growth is not the only factor that contributes to mature skin; it's the condition of our blood circulation. Indeed, the amazing mechanics of the human body are in place to purify and cleanse our system, but many of our daily choices or habits obstruct their full performance. Physical inactivity/lack of exercise and poor sleep slow down our system because of accumulated lactic acid, causing more fatigue. Emotionally induced impurities such as stress, anger, worry, fear or hate hinder the circulation of blood and thus the impurities are not carried off as they should be. When our blood circulation is inhibited by all these factors, it deprives our skin from receiving freshly oxygenated blood while deeper below, our blood stagnates and stresses our organs, causing various discomfort and even illness. This, in turn, slows down the body's ability to flush out waste matter. It's a cycle that leads to ungraceful aging. And that's what makes the difference. 
Ripen gracefully by taking care of your blood. Increase your blood circulation by:

- exercising regularly (exercising in fresh air is best, and walking counts)
- gently scrubbing your body from head to toe using a soft bristle bamboo (or boar's hair)brush.
- a thorough salt glow (body treatment in which skin is rubbed with coarse salt sometimes in combination with fragrant oils) to exfoliate and activate skin, open pores and stimulate circulation.
- head to toe massages given by a loved one, and of course,
- eat lots of greens and fresh water

Happy New Year!

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