Kombucha: Elixir of Life

Kombucha: Elixir of Life

I am an advocate for old ways. Well, obviously not when old ways infringe on people's freedom and happiness. So then, maybe, I should say that I am an advocate for healthy and ecologically sustainable ways, whether they are old ways or new ways. Yes, that's what I am. But, I must say, even with this I am not gleefully enthusiastic about what the future holds. I am not talking about fears or doubts about what the future holds for me, personally. At the contrary, I am pretty excited about uncovering that mystery along the years to come. What I am afraid of is where we are heading as a society, as people... I look at my little boys and often wonder what type of world they'll be living in. I wonder where they'll get their food from, what they'll be eating, how much of nature will they know. Will their children know what elephants are? Will there be trees to climb? How will people relate to each other--will relationships only be viral? I am sure many of you have thought about these things too.

Maybe it's as I grow "concerned" of the unknown that I grow closer and closer to the past--to what is known. And this is perhaps why I started this evening's post with "I am an advocate for old ways". Perhaps. And ever since I became a mother, I have become all the more sensitive to the quality of changes that come with what's new. Almost everything I do, see, hear, or feel filters through me and then I wonder how this or that will impact my kids. I think of myself--for sure-- but having loved one whose lives depend on me, I cannot help but think of them--always. So there I was, one normal evening, sipping a glass of naturally effervescent, deep amber kombucha tea getting psyched about what this amazing probiotic tea was about to do to my body, w4*hen it occurred to me that this powerful effervescence that was going to do wonders for my health was due to bacterial activity during the fermentation process. The byproduct of this activity is a refreshing, naturally energizing, detoxifying, immune- boosting drink containing high amounts of B Vitamins and probiotic enzymes. Then it occurred to me how people back in the day got it right: they discovered the value of effervescent drinks as they were originally the result of the lactic acid bacterial activity. 


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May 01, 2021

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