Once upon a time, long, long ago, our food grew on fresh soil and was harvested by farmers who cultivated, understood, and loved the earth they farmed on. Today, our food, just like everything else, comes from a factory --aka large agricultural industries. And machines work the land.

I do not know if it's modernity that has forced the shift from small scale farmers to large industrial ones, or if it's utter greed endorsed by government officials. In either case, we, in the USA, are trapped into a system that capitalizes, monopolizes and destroys. This is what was done to our entire food system when it was transferred to the hands of agricultural industries, who, I must say, are valued more and protected more than citizens themselves. As a result, the food we are forced to buy (by eliminating small farmer production) not only comes from an ecologically destructive production process, it's nutritiously inferior. To top it off, it is riddled with toxins originating from synthetic fertilizers or synthetic pesticides.

It is sad when your Nation places the needs of large industries above the needs of its citizens; especially when those needs are as basic as eating wholesome nutrient dense foods. What this shows us, is that we are limited by a system within which quality is compromised when there is money to be made. This is true for the beauty industry as well. Sadly, we live in an era where both the foods we ingest and the cosmetics we apply are simply dangerous.

The way you can make a difference for yourselves, and for the market place is by ensuring that the vegetables you eat are grown by small scale farmers who do not rely on synthetic fertilizers or synthetic pesticides, but on natural fertilizers, and natural pesticides. For the best quality produce, make sure they have been grown on untreated soil enlivened by biodiversity. Stay away from monocultures--agro industries' favorite yet dangerous method of production. Meat eaters, make sure the meat you eat came from healthy animals, in other words, roaming free, breathing fresh air, getting natural sun light, plenty of exercise and eating foods they are meant to eat i.e cows should be only eating grass--not corn. As for your cosmetics: stay away from the ingredients listed in my FAQ. There are much more than what I listed so I implore you to keep reading up on those strange words on the back of labels. Rest assured that with Nelum Botanics' products you can always feel good about what you put on your skin.

The documentary "Farmageddon" by Kristin Canty is a must see for everyone!

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