Pomegranate and The Secret to a Healthy, Happy You

Pomegranate and The Secret to a Healthy, Happy You

Pomegranates, as we know, are revered for their antioxidant properties. But did you know that it is the pomegranate seed oil that has most of the health benefits? The seeds are pressed to extract the oil which is extremely rich in ellagic acid, which is a polyphenols antioxidant found in fruits and berries. The highest ellagic acid content is found in raspberries, strawberries, and pomegranates--Luckily, pomegranate oil is available, allowing us the luxurious pleasure of applying this oil topically in order to directly penetrate the skin for immediate nourishment--only a small amount is needed! As the oil feeds the skin, it conditions the epidermis and helps fight the free radicals that are responsible for cellular damage. 

While cellular damage is a natural part of our human existence, we keep it in check with our supply of antioxidants, which are most effective when acquired from antioxidant-rich foods or when oils rich in antioxidants are applied to the skin. Stress and pollution significantly increase free radicals in our body and so does a rigorous physical activity--especially if the body has not had the proper training. The point is not to discourage you from being active, rather show you that things as "harmless" as physical activity can induce free radicals. It is, therefore, all the more important to make sure our bodies are fully stocked with antioxidants! 

Our bodies' miraculous way of working knows the difference between consuming foods antioxidant-rich (and absorbing antioxidant-rich oils through the skin) and supplements! The body responds to the former. Not the latter! 

So, make sure you apply pomegranate seed oil on your body! Or, eat lots and lots of pomegranate and leafy greens. 

The only way I can feel good suggesting you indulge in an imported food product is by also asking you to please make sure your pomegranates are sourced from fair trade and grown under eco-friendly conditions! Our health & beauty should not make our earth ugly:)

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