A Simple Ritual for Healthy Skin

A Simple Ritual for Healthy Skin

Maintaining healthy skin can be effortless for some. And for others, it can just be a drag--let's face it, not everyone has the time or energy to squeeze in extra things to do, especially for things that seem so superficial, like...beautification. In the end, it's all about life style and priorities. So let me proceed with a small explanation of what each step in the Healthy Skin Ritual is and why it is important or at times, necessary. 

Get enough rest: This is number 1! Your body needs its sleep to recharge and recover. The average time it takes for our body to fully recuperated is 8hrs.

Drink lots of water: especially in the summer (and winter). Staying hydrated ensures that our body can regulate our internal temperature and properly adjust to the external temperature. We need enough water to maintain healthy function of our brain, and all our organs. And for what concerns our skin--an organ indeed--it helps create supple, firm, plump skin. I could use a glass of water right now!

Limit Processed foods, Alcohol & Sugar (PAS) It's hard to resist those summer cocktails or those warming toddies in the winter. As delicious as the are, too much can put a strain on your liver and overall digestive system, which will manifest through your skin. A healthy liver will take care of the alcohol, but be mindful of your liver or else it will give in:( As for processed food and sugar, well they simply add no nutritional value and weaken your bacterial flora.

Use only the best and natural cosmetics: Yes, yes and yes, it does go through your skin--your skin is not completely impermeable as it was once thought. Tiny molecules can go through as for larger ones sit on the surface and clog your pores. When products are made of toxic, hazardous, chemicals it either enters your blood stream (without passing through your awesome liver which would at least filter it) or, it just sits there and clogs your pores. Safe natural and fine quality cosmetics are harmless when they enter your blood stream. And if they are made of larger molecules, they won't clog your pores. The Same rule applies for moisturizers.

Cleanse: Cleansing with a solution that removes impurities, build-up, and dead skin cells, without leaving skin dehydrated or irritated, is essential as it prevents breakouts, blemishes, and premature aging. Be mindful of what you use to cleanse because if your cleanser is harsh, it will remove your natural oils and dull your complexion. The ideal cleanser to use is a milky cleanse--a balanced combination of oil and water. In the winter you can use a creamy cleanser--more oil less water. You can find recipes under "My Dry Skin" category.

Mist: After the skin has been nicely cleansed, adding a toner is next. But, the idea of a toner is to tighten those pores, which is not quite necessary when your pores are tiny as it is with dry skin folks. Though, if your dry skin is due to dehydration, and you do have larger pores, then you can proceed with a light astringent. But this is not necessary. Either way, a floral mist made with organic flowers that restore your pH (in the event that your cleanser disturbed it) is best. A high-quality mist nourishes your skin with phytochemicals while hydrating making it perfect for the next step. See our Aqua Vitae!

Moisturize: (see Use only the best and natural cosmetics) In addition, it's important to understand that moisturizing comes from only one source: WATER. But because water evaporates (in addition to entering the skin) we need to seal it in. And there is nothing better than sealing it in with an organic, high quality made oil that contains high amounts of nutrients to feed your skin outside and in. Thus it is important to apply the oil while your skin is damp i.e. after a shower or after misting. For best results apply onto skin while you still have beads of water rolling down your skin. 

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