The Ultimate Truth About Oily Skin

The Ultimate Truth About Oily Skin

It's GOOD for you!

We have been bombarded with the idea that matte porcelain type faces is best but the truth is that it doesn't have to be so. The beauty of oily skin is that it remains youthful, the skin is firm & thick, and it ages gracefully. The confusion stems from the fact that people with oily skin have visibly larger pores, which makes it vulnerable to blackheads and breakouts. This is also the idea that spurred the negative feelings about using oil on your face. 

To address oily skin (and the use of oil) we need to do a couple myth busters. This will shed some light on what's really happening on your face (and body):

Debunking Common Myths about Oily Skin:

Myth 1: Oily skin causes blackheads and breakouts.
Oily skin is not what contributes to blackheads and breakouts. Yes, having larger pores makes one more vulnerable to those things, but it's not the cause. Instead, it's having blocked pores (see myth 2), which inhibit the oil/wax/keratin (sebum) to surface the skin, resulting in the oxidation of sebum aka blackheads and other types of breakouts.   

---if they are not saying myth 1 they are saying myth 2---

Myth 2: Oil clogs your pores
The oil (sebum) produced by your body does not clog your pores. Nor do quality produced nut/seed oils. What clogs pores is makeup, heavy creams that are made of large synthetic molecules, mineral oil,  pollution, dirt and dead skin cells. This is why it's so important to follow a cleansing routine. 

Now that we have addressed that, you can embrace your oily skin:) You just need to cleanse it properly by following these simple steps to maximize the benefits of oily skin and to reduce the downfalls of having larger pores.


Proper Skincare Ritual for Oily Skin

Compress: Begin every cleansing ritual with a warm compress. This loosens the things that clog your pores making cleansing easier and more effective without having to squeeze, pull and tug on your skin. Use a clean cotton cloth (I like my cheese cloths) and dunk it in a basin of warm water. Remove excess water and place over your face. Lets the warmth seep in. Do this about 4 times. 

Cleanse: I have been dying for this opportunity to say this: Do not go crazy trying to make your face squeaky clean by using harsh cleansing products--people with oily skin tend to do this. This will strip your face of all the oil and it will stimulate even more oil production. Instead, after applying the compress, take a cotton swab dipped in a cleansing gel (recipe below) to remove the grime, dead cells and keratin...a gel with balancing essential oils would be ideal. See recipe below. If wearing heavy makeup, wipe off with a couple drops of coconut oil. Remove makeup then rinse with cool water to sedate your glands. You can also use, organic milk (incl. soy/ almond/ rice). Be sure to wash your eyes with eyebright tea (recipe below) after using heavy eye make up. 

Mist: Proceed by apply a gentle floral mist--note that it's extremely important to use an organic one to avoid spraying residual pesticides on your face. Try our Aqua Vitae

Moisturize: When you have oily skin, it is not always easy to notice the dryness that may occur from dehydration. When this is the case,  using the same principal for dry skin, it's important to understand that moisturizing comes from only one source: WATER. But because water evaporates (in addition to entering the skin) we need to seal it in. And there is nothing better than sealing it in with an organic, high-quality oil that contains high amounts of nutrients to feed your skin outside and in. However, people with oily skin need to use an oil that helps regulate their sebum production such as hazelnut, pomegranate seed oil, and evening primrose.  It is important to apply the oil while your skin is damp i.e. after a shower or after misting. This allows for your skin to benefit from both the moisturizing factor from water and the protective barrier & nutritive properties in oil. With oily skin, you need only a very little bit. 


Cleansing Gel for Oily Skin

1/3 c water
2 1/4 Tsp tapioca powder
2" piece of cucumber finely grated into a pulp
1 drop neroli
2 drops of celery seed



Heat up the water

Step 1: Heat up the water

Step 2: Add tapioca and let simmer until dissolved



THE ULTIMATE TRUTH ABOUT OILY SKINStep 3: Remove from heat and stir in cucumber pulp for 1 minute (you don't want your gel to become running so use less if necessary).

THE ULTIMATE TRUTH ABOUT OILY SKINStep 4: Strain mixture through a cheese cloth to discard of pieces.












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