Undoing the Stigma, and Finding Pride in Healing with Nature

Undoing the Stigma, and Finding Pride in Healing with Nature

The other day a client expressed how appalled she was at the prices of high-end skincare of which most were made entirely of synthetic and potentially hazardous ingredients. I thought about her comment and combined that with the skepticism I have seen from others when they hear about "natural" or "plant-based" skincare. It made me notice something very telling of our society, and how this can impact all of us!

I do acknowledge that the common use of these "high-end" yet commercial skincare brands is by force of habit where up until very recently, there were barely any healthy plant-based alternatives that women could turn to. But the fact that it's taking so long for women to shift to natural healing or natural skincare proves how much of our socio-political past has affected how we relate to nature.

As a new world society, we have been indoctrinated into believing that the use of elements sourced directly from nature is a primitive act reserved for the uncivilized. This indoctrination originated from the colonial days (17th- mid 20th century) when the British were in India. As a way of domination, they had to destabilize the local culture and one of the ways in which they did this was by prohibiting the funding of Ayurvedic colleges and clinics. They banned the publication, distribution, and use of Ayurvedic books, and depicted the practice and belief in natural healing as barbaric

It's time to undo that stigma that continues to influence our subconscious in the most subliminal and overt ways. It's time that we embrace what nature has in store for us, by understanding that we are biologically engineered to react and respond to plants' healing compounds.

Feel Good n' Proud About Healing with Nature!

Caring for ourselves with nature's medicinal botanicals is a spiritual experience because we are connecting with earth's healing elements. When done wisely, and with respect to the environment, you will see how this method of coexisting is a beautiful practice that has been alive since as early as 2nd Cent. B.C., if not earlier. Let's inspire one and other to learn about the amazing benefits of a plant-based approach to healing and self-care so that we are no longer manipulated into using hazardous ingredients under the disguise of modern science and progress. 

Our Discover & Love Sample Kits is a perfect way to experience what it's like to heal and beautify with Nature. And if you are already familiar with our products, or with healing with nature, in general, then this is a thoughtful way to introduce your loved ones to the healing powers of nature without imposing on their skincare regiment. Each herb and seed/nut is carefully selected for its unique chemical compounds. Macerated and infused, cold pressed or delicately warmed, the medicinal properties of each plant part used are intact and able to provide you with the best of their healing attributes different combinations of sample-size products, including a full-size Therapeutic Lip Cream or a full-size Natural Herbal Salve---if selecting a Kit 3 for Nelum Baby samples. Note: The salve is included with Nelum Baby because it's wonderfully effective for nipple irritation that occurs for some breastfeeding moms. 

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