When Colors, Einstein and Nelum Botanics Come Together

When Colors, Einstein and Nelum Botanics Come Together

On Monday, Matisse, my 9-year-old boy, started telling me about the energy we get from colors and people's aura. I was impressed and proud. I got that motherly warmth of gratitude to have a young boy whose mind is already open to the various dimensions of this complex universe. But more importantly, my heart tingled because he was like me:). (I hope that's not a bad thing). Then on Tuesday, Asim, my 4-year-old, saw a cutout portrait of Einstein that Matisse made and asked in disgust "Oh my goodness, mama, is that Trump?" "No way!" I exclaimed. "That's Einstein!" After I explained to him who Einstein was--describing him as a genius--Asim replied: "You mean he is smarter than me?" Of course, I had to break to him. Then he asked, "Is he smarter than Matisse?" And again, I broke it to him. Then he said, in total despair, "You mean he is smarter than me, Matisse and Obammmaaa?" "Uhhh, yes, love, smarter than the three of you". And today, Wednesday, as I set out to write this blog post to talk about Helichrysum, the featured ingredient in our Graceful Face Elixir-- I decided I wanted to also share about the healing benefits of the color yellow. And as I was referring back to something I wrote a few years ago about colors, I was reminded of what Einstein discovered about energy from colors. I'm in awe seeing how two topics brought up by each boy, over two days, pieced together: Einstein talked about color therapy. You can read more about it in my earlier blog post called Color Therapy--it's quite fascinating!

Einstein's approach to healing differed significantly from mainstream thought, which was perhaps influenced by Newton who treated illness or disease with chemicals as a way to cure symptoms in isolation--like mechanical parts. Einstein, however, looked at how we operated in relation to, in function of and in harmony with, energy systems all around us--including the energy systems within. And as also observed by ancient cultures around the world, our well-being is a manifestation of energetic flow and balance. Therefore, cures and prevention must enable that energetic flow. Einstein coined this understanding in his mathematical equation E = mc2, determining that energy and matter are dual expressions of the same universal substance.

The interaction between energy (light, which is an electromagnetic radiation) and matter produce color. A different color is produced depending on the wavelength, frequency, and amount of energy.  A color, thus, stands for a certain amount of waves, frequency and energy, which, according to chromotherapy, gives existence to, sustains and stimulates our body: our organs and energy centers vibrate and harmonize with these different color frequencies because every atom in our body exist as energy, and each form of energy has its own frequency.  Colors are, therefore, responsible for the correct working of our internal system by serving as an external source of energy that fulfills, in times of depletion, its energy counterpart extant in the internal system. No wonder why we feel so fulfilled, happy and complete in the spring time when colors are in abundance.

Helichrysum, the featured ingredient in our Graceful Face Elixir is a beautiful bright yellow flower that grows in the Mediterranean. As a color, it produces an energy that stimulates mental activity, learning, intellect, acquired/learned knowledge, individuation, alertness, concentration, focus, cheer, sun, warmth, cleaning, left brain, empowerment, self-esteem, and confidence. Yellow is great to counter fear and obsessive behavior. It boosts the immune system and aids your digestive system.  Our Elixir is alive with this yellow energy.

Medicinally, Helichrysum italicum oil has strong antibiotic and antimicrobial properties that make it an effective natural cure for acne and candida: the flavonoids and terpene in Helichrysum fight off bad bacteria and fungal growth that can cause various skin irritations, including rashes, infections and delayed wound healing. Helichrysum essential oil is soothing and healing, making it ideal for helping hydrate dry damaged skin. Rich in antioxidants, helichrysum is renowned for decreasing signs of aging on the skin and block UV-light damage that can contribute to the formation of skin cancer! And that, my friends, is the reason why I chose to create the Graceful Face Elixir with Helichrysum. 


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