Why You Should Add Aqua Vitae to Your Skincare Ritual

Why You Should Add Aqua Vitae to Your Skincare Ritual

There seems to be some nebulous understanding of what moisturizing is, which can cause you to incorrectly treat your dry or dehydrated skin (not the same thing when it comes to the skin).  Become familiar with how your skin works so that you can choose the appropriate solution to your skin's problem. Either way, you will see why our Aqua Vitaes should be added to your daily skincare ritual. 

Some leading estheticians say that dry skin is the result of a lack of oil, which is necessary for holding in water. A “moisturizer” is thus recommended to seal in that water. Here, moisturizer is referred to as an element that does what an oil does--it seals in the water.

Other skincare experts, such as dermatologists in the British Journal of Dermatology, refer to "moisture" as a water element that is necessary for hydrating the skin. But too much of it can interfere with the integrity of the skin structure. 

Which kind of "moisture" does your skin need? The truth is, they are both necessary in different ways and at different doses--depending on how dry or dehydrated your skin is. 

Dry skin certainly lacks oil. That is why water can evaporate so easily. However, adding oil to dry skin doesn't help if your skin isn't sufficiently hydrated. Therefore, drinking water is a must. But another "must" is to ensure that your skin is able to attract water from the air. Once your skin is hydrated, you want to be able to seal that water in. Dry skin also means that your skin's ability to produce responsive cells for healthy cell communication is compromised. It also means that cell repair and cell rejuvenation are more difficult. 

Adding Nelum Botanics' Aqua Vitae to your routine helps the stratum corneum (the outer most layer of your skin) maintain healthy supple skin--skin that retains, attracts, repairs and rejuvenates. In addition to hydrating and attracting water, our Aqua Vitae, such as the rose, has the Phyto-compounds to stimulate the extracellular release of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which dilates them and improves the microcirculation.

If your skin is already well hydrated, then you probably have pretty healthy stratum corneum that is able to attract and hold onto water. In this case, you do not need to add a "moisturizer" referred to as water. Instead, you could simply benefit from a "moisturizer" referred to as an element that seals in the water. The best for this is a cold-pressed, ecologically harvested oil, which can nourish your skin. With a healthy stratum corneum, an Aqua Vitae can still benefit your skin with antioxidants and essential vitamins. 

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