Giving Back

I look at "Giving Back" more as in “how can we coexist in a harmonious way with those we share this world”. I “give back” by being actively aware of our ecological impact and by committing to reducing our carbon footprint.  For me, it’s about my sense of obligation: we owe it to nature and humanity to protect these sacred resources.

When I think about Nelum Botanics and the impact it has on both the environment and on the communities that produce our raw materials, I need to rest assured that I am contributing to socio-economic justice and protecting natural resources. While making excellent skincare is our priority, it is our utmost priority to do so with mindfulness for all things and people involved in the process.  As such, our love and respect for the environment, and for humanity prevail: not only are our raw material sourced from fair-trade but a portion of our profit goes back to supporting grassroots initiatives dedicated to greening the planet and improving people's lives in a sustainable and meaningful way. 

Our Forest Garden Project in Chemolingot, Kenya 


Thank you, IDRC for the beautiful photo 

In partnership with the Permaculture Research Institute in Nairobi and The New School University Graduate Program In International Affairs, in New York, we designed a secure food system for the Chemolingot community in Kenya. We set in place the mechanisms necessary to start growing a forest garden to meet the three-fold purpose of feeding families, greening the environment and providing opportunities for families to sell surplus herbs and vegetables. The initial phase of this project, took place summer 2016. The project included workshops on community empowerment and permaculture methods as this community is traditionally a herding community and knows very little about agriculture, though the interest and desire were strongly present. You can follow our story, work and inspiration in our Blog under Kenya Series.