What We Do

In the pursuit of academic excellence, simple pleasures that build authentic character and soulful connections with one and other, can often be dismissed.  Through our unique approach, we help your child gain experiences that will cultivate values and perspectives that are integral to fostering compassion, social responsibility and environmental stewardship, all of which are highly appreciated by academic institutions. 

Through hands-on activities and field visits --and lots and lots of laughter--we help your child develop a true appreciation for human relationships and the natural world. We explore the world through the 12 permaculture principles and its 3 notable ethics in order to understand our environment and our responsibility as citizens of this world. We explore themes such as climate change, food justice, nutrition and homesteading in a fun and inspiring atmosphere. Cultivating compassion and learning how to connect with one and other locally and globally emerges throughout these themes.

Choose form our various remote sessions and our in-person session, which abides by the New York State safety guidelines.  

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