Botanical Cleansing Elixir


You cleanse your face, but are you getting rid of all the build-up?

It's important to choose a makeup remover/ cleanser that will NOT strip away your natural oils. Yes, it can be very tempting to want a squeaky clean, minty fresh feel, especially after a long day. But, using cleansers that compromise your natural oils can cause long-term damage to your skin. 

How you clean your face will make a real difference! 

Light, with hints of gardenia, our Botanical Cleansing Elixir allows you to gently remove make-up, excess sebum and dirt caught in your pores without stripping away your natural oils.


Thistle and Kalahari are exceptionally light and deeply nourishing. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, Omega 3 & 6, they contain compounds that help repair damaged skin and phytochemicals unique to this blend help reduce the appearance of large pores. And, it smells lovely! 

Suggested Use

Method 1: Splash face with warm water. Using hands, wipe off excess water. Apply about 1/8tsp of BCE onto face (and neck). Let sit for 3-5 minutes. With a cotton pad or gauze wipe off BCE removing along with it makeup and build-up. Finish by splashing with cool water and patting dry. 

Modification- aplly directly onto dry skin. You can also choose to not rinse.  

Method 2: Apply BCE onto a cotton gauze and gently remove makeup around eyes, lips. Finish by splashing with cool water and patting dry. 

Note: the purpose of splashing face with cool water is not to remove the oil; instead, it's just a nice way to finish your cleansing ritual as it closes your pores and refreshes your skin. We want the nutritive properties to remain sealed into your skin!


Organic Thistle Seed, oil, Kalahari Seed Oil, Organic (or Wild) Jojoba, and Organic Gardenia Absolute


4oz cobalt blue glass bottle with silver screw cap. 



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